Whether you are a B2B or B2C, marketing is usually a big piece of your brand’s digital strategy. Your online presence generates leads, so it’s important to consider your marketing plan and messaging strategies at the same time. Twin City Web Solutions believes that a key element to marketing is integrated marketing communications. Our approach is to use “simple and engaging” messaging. Messaging is the most engaging when it simply focuses on the pains and gains of your customers. Distilling your products and services down to a simple and engaging message takes time and deliberate analysis.

key marketing elements


We believe in knowing your end game. Results are impossible to achieve if no one knows what results should look like in the first place.

the most important customer

Your messaging should focus on the customer you depend on to stay in business. We will work together to deeply understand how, when, and why they buy your services or products.

positioning & brand character

Positioning and brand character define your business and brand. Whether you are a hero, a sage, or an everyman, you should sound like one everywhere.


Channels are anywhere you interact with customers, or potential customers, whether it is your website or blog, Instagram, a newspaper advertisement, or a brick-and-mortar location. Your channels should work together to attract, engage, and delight your most important customer.

our marketing services

  • marketing & messaging strategies
  • public relations
  • analytics


Case Study: The Forsyth County Sheriff's Office

In the first half of 2020, Twin City Web Solutions had the privilege of working with the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office (FCSO) and Sheriff Bobby F. Kimbrough, Jr. to develop strategies for enhancing their social media presence. Twin City Web Solutions helped the FCSO achieve a better understanding of its audience and leveraged data analytics to increase average engagement by 186%, average reach by 127%, and minimum reach by 196%….